June 15, 2023

LAZARE ELOUNDOU - Our cultural heritage at risk

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Lazare Eloundou is UNESCO's World Heritage Director.

‍Ithas a wealth of experience in the fields of world heritage and cultural heritage in times of conflict and disaster, illicit trafficking, museums and underwater cultural heritage.

‍Heis highly skilled in the rehabilitation, reconstruction and management of cultural heritage. With a degree in architecture and a post-graduate diploma in urban planning and policy, his first professional projects led him to meet Nelson Mandela, which was decisive in his career path.

It was a great pleasure to welcome Lazare Eloundou to Station F for a conversation rich in experience and passion about our global cultural heritage, conflict and disaster management, his encounter with Nelson Mandela and the current challenges we face.

In this episode, we discuss several topics:

  • Lazare Eloundou's career
  • Lazare Eloundou's project in South Africa
  • Lazare Eloundou's meeting with Nelson Mandela
  • The importance of protecting our cultural heritage
  • The main challenges in protecting our heritage
  • How UNESCO takes initiatives
  • Actions to inscribe new sites on the World Heritage List
  • The cultural site selection process
  • Heritage preservation training
  • Technological innovation for heritage protection
  • UNESCO and the use of new technologies
  • Is it possible to unite mankind through the conquest of space?

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